Q: What is En-Theories?

A: Natural Energy Drink containing natural ingredients to boost energy


Q: What is natural energy drink ?

A: Natural Energy drink is the energy drink that uses natural ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals to provide energy, freshness and healthy. Natural energy drink is healthier than traditional energy drinks in the market those contain synthetic chemicals and high sugar level which may cause palpitation, heart disease and diabetes


Q: How En-Theories difference from other energy drink brands?

A: Caffeine from natural green tea / zero sugar / low calories / preserve heart / prevent palpitation / no chemical booster

Q: Why use caffeine from green tea?

A: Synthetic caffeine exerts a strong stimulant effect on the body and heart, causing palpitation and negatively affect health in long term. En-Theories uses caffeine from green tea to stimulate which helps to preserve health and heart more


Q: When should we drink En-Theories?

A: Before or during activities to boost energy and refresh!

Q: What kind of smell does the EN-THEORIES have?


  1. Sparkling Golden Apple Yuzu
  2. Sparkling Citrus Lychee
  3. Sparkling Akasutki Peach Guava

Q: Is EN-THEORIES similar to a sports drink?

A: Sport drinks are flavored beverages that often contain carbohydrates minerals and electrolytes to add mineral and water those lose during or after working out and activities.

     En-Theories is the energy booster to consume before or during activities for better performance.

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